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 Please visit and find our White Paper at the very bottom left side of the webpage. This gives valueable information on indoor localization in general, explains when to choose which technology and explains Localino is more technical detail.


Localino indoor location system

How does Localino work?

Localino measurements are based on timing, which is much more accurate and reliable compared to existing technologies that are signal strength based. Fixed Localinos (called Anchor) know the timing to the mobile unit (called Tag). The anchors report the timing information over a network interface to a server application (called backend), which processes and combines of the measurement results of each tag. The results is a position in space 2D (X, Y), when there are measurement reports from three fixed anchors and 3D (X, Y, Z), when there are range results from four anchors or more anchors in space.

How many tags can be localized?

Localino can handle, locate and track up to thousands of tags. The number of tags that can be located depends on the configuration and your country regulations. It can range from some tags to thousands. 

What is the update rate of the ranging?

The update rate can be configured from very very slow (e.g. once a day), to very fast (dozens of Hz).

What is the maximum range?

The answer is really: it depends. Localino uses radio frequencies, just like your wireless network. And the coverage and range depends on the environment. We have done tests in free space where the range between anchor and tag were 200m. Indoor, you will get stable range measurements up to 50 meters, depending on the mode you are operating the Localinos in and the environment itself (furniture, walls, wood, metal…). The signals will not penetrate through solid (e.g. concrete) walls. For RTLS systems we recommend a grid of anchors that are ~20m x 20m apart.

Does Localino work outdoors?

Yes it does. However you have to consider your country regulations. To overcome country regulations we have a solution which supports indoor and outdoor at the same time with two different technologies. Indoor we use Ultra-Wideband, outdoor we use GPS and supply RTK reference data to our Tags to locate these with centimeter accuracy.

How do I setup Localino?

The documentation will guide you through the setup process. In general you have to place the Localino anchors inside the room, for example in the corners. Run the backend and frontend and configure the anchor positions in the room by using our software. Once that is finished you are good to go. This will take minutes only.



Where do I find your documentation?

The entire documentation how to setup, configure the system will be available with Localino.  Some insight can be found on YouTube:



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