Localino Developer Kits

Do it yourself!

Which kits are available?

Localino for Developers is a kit that consists of boards, ultrawideband chips and WiFi modules. The boards are SMD assembled and require only little soldering work. Our step-by-step instructions and open source software allows technically experienced users to succeed quickly. Numerous companies, institutes, schools and many universities are already using our Localino development kits successfully.

Save a lot of development time by relying on proven hardware!

Localino for Developers

Documentation, Software, Firmware?

Our kits come with full documentation, localization software, microcontroller source code and demo firmware. This combination allows to build a localization system from scratch, which is particularly suitable for makers, students, and developers. There is no need to develop hardware anymore.

In order to set the hardware into operation, smaller soldering is required. You can then flash the WiFi modules and STM32 microcontroller, or program yourself. Additional I/O pins on the hardware allow you to connect your own modules and hardware. Detailed information can be found in our online shop.

Ideal for makers!