Localization of WiFi and Bluetooth devices

Monitoring and Localization of WiFi devices and Bluetooth beacons

The use case determines the requirements.

In addition to very precise UWB solutions, Localino also supports server-sided presence determination and position determination of WiFi and Bluetooth devices.

The beacon Bluetooth (BLE) attached to the tracked object sends signals that are received by the installed Localino Anchors. Our software processes the measurement data, determines the position, and provides the data in the network via various interfaces (e.g. TCP, UDP, SQL, MQTT and much more). This enables the position to be shown on a map, movement statistics to be generated, and analyzes to be carried out.

WiFi devices, such as cell phones or notebooks, can also be detected and located with this method*.

Localino solutions which are based on ultra wideband are much more precise and usually achieve accuracies in the centimeter range.

*The location and storage of wifi MAC addresses is done with the consent of the user.

The requirements influence the selected technology.

Data is the new oil.

A combination of different technologies is useful in order to carry out new possibilities and optimizations based on available data. In order to derive measures, it is often sufficient to know the presence and the location of WiFi devices, such as mobile phones.

In other cases, a very precise localization is required. The Localino ultra-wideband technology can solve these cases. No new infrastructure is necessary for this, as the Localino Anchors enable the acquisition of various radio signals.