Products: Localino® GPS Base

Detect and control objects and processes indoor and outdoor. Our GPS base connects the "outside GPS world" to the local "indoor world".

Combine outdoor and indoor processes and create a complete digital system. Digitize your outdoor areas and optimize routes, find goods or navigate vehicles.

High-precision GPS systems ensure precise localization on your site. Goods find their right place, processes become paperless and vehicles are navigated directly to their precise locations.

Localino® GPS Base

From indoor to outdoor localization: Our solution supports seamless handover between both high precision indoor and high precision outdoor positioning for many applications.

The Localino® GPS Base acts as a GNSS/GPS reference station and long range communication interface for Localino® Nature Tags that can be located indoor and outdoor.

Our Differential GPS (DGPS) and Real Time Kinematics (RTK) solution allows outdoor precision down to centimeter accuracy.

The Localino® GPS Base supports:

  • Multi-Frequency and Multi-Constellation
  • high RTK positioning rate
  • Ethernet interface for positioning streaming
  • Power over Ethernet
  • ISM band interface for long range communication
Localino GPS Base to connect the indoor UWB world and outside GPS world