Covid-19: Protect your employees and keep your business up and running.

Localino helps you to protect your employees, keep social distances and trace infections in your company. Learn how to apply Localino technology and prevent virus spreading.

Key Features

Social distancing

Reliable and accurate measurement of distances between employees. Our technology measures distances with centimeter accuracy. Unlike other technologies like Bluetooth, Localino applies super accurate time measurement between devices. That allows to measure distances between persons reliably and accurate.


Remind your employees to keep distance. An automated messaging system notifys persons that are too close to another.


Protect your company against shutdown from authorities. Our COVID-19 software solution logs distances between persons and traces back contacts in time, space and ID. In case of an infection, contact persons can be identified easily and ways can be traced back to take necessary measures such as quarantine only for certain people.

Data security

Keep your data. The recorded data is stored and analysed only within your company IT infrastructure. This ensures data security and integrity.

Trace Contacts.

Localino Trace COVID-19 Contacts

Reliable. Future-proof.

Localino is reliable and future-proof. You invest in a system that you can also use after the pandemic to digitize and optimize your processes within the company. Many diverse applications are made possible by Localino as localization data is essential for digital process designs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further applications and questions relating to indoor localization and digitalization.