The versatile world of Localino

Localino hardware can be used for a variety of purposes.

In addition to our standard software you are able to perform an exact localization as well as a location tracking on your floorplan. The open software interfaces allow user adaptions to tailor the system optimally to your needs.

With Localino 20/20 we offer industry-specific standard software which performs a wide range of location analysis and determines various key figures.

Industry-specific Software


From track analysis to waiting durations at the supermarket checkouts, the Localino System v3.0 collects versatile customer data. Recognize "hot" and "cold" areas and discover "blind spots" in your store. With Localino you can check, if all areas are optimally accessed by your customers. The industry-specific software is easy to use and offers you the opportunity to carry out comprehensive data analysis. This allows you to track the effects of changing your store layout. In addition to the fixed installation of systems, we also provide loan systems for analysis projects.

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Localino in Retail

Industry 4.0

With Localino you can optimize your processes. The hardware is well prepared for the challenges during manufacturing. With the industry-specific software, you can monitor individual objects, persons and vehicles. The system is characterized by its high flexibility and its scalability. Optimize your ways, track your goods or efficiently control your industrial vehicles!

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In team sports, the right strategy and the interaction of the individual teammates decide between winning and losing. With the Localino System v3.0 you can accurately track your moves. Follow individual players and analyze their interaction. Our software gives you an accurate overview of how your players and teams interact. Make use of Localino to increase performance and efficiency of your teams.

Optimize your training achievements with Localino now!

Localino in Sports

Individual applications

Are you looking for an individual indoor localization system for your organization and have very specific requirements regarding implementation and functionality? We are your partner of choice. Our versatile systems allow us to tailor our products to your needs.

Do you need help with the implementation of your project or would like to have an individual system solution? Then please do not hesitate to use our contact form. We will be happy to help you!

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