Localino 20/20

Are you looking for your products? Have you ever wondered how long a production step takes? Do you want to trigger location-based actions?

The Localino 20/20 software can do it all and much more.

Key Features

  • Realtime data display
  • Intuitive search, record and replay function
  • Comprehensive data analytics
  • Trigger location based actions and services
  • Easy pairing of goods through smartphone scanner app

Realtime data display.

Localino 20/20 finds anything.


Comprehensive data analytics.

Localino records position data and analyzes big databases.

Industry: Our automated data analytics help you to measure and quantify your performance. Have you ever wondered how long your products take from in to out? How long each process step takes? Certainly it is possible to send someone with a stop watch. Alternatively let Localino do the work and automatically record the time and the position of your goods.

Localino displays areas of interest.

Retail: You do not know as much as an online shop from your customer? Why don't you analyze position data to pinpoint to hot and cold areas? You are one step ahead with Localino 20/20.

Trigger location based actions and services.

Localino warns forklift drivers in close proximity to others.

Protect your employees and warn forklift drivers when others are in close proximity.

Localino notifies location based.

Get a message on your smartphone as soon as your tracked box is entering a predefined zone.

Pave the way for your AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

Automatically open doors when your AGV is close or on its way towards a closed door.

Easy pairing of goods through smartphone scanner app.


Localino tags have unique IDs.

They can be identified by the system and tracked through their entire life-cycle. But how do you link your goods with a Localino tag?

Our solution

A smartphone scanner app! It's just as easy as two steps:

  1. Scan the Localino Tag ID barcode
  2. Scan the barcode of your box / boxes

Localino 20/20 software will automatically link those codes.

Amazing! In the past I used a stop watch for our value-stream. Now with Localino I can have a coffee and click a button. But "pssst", don't tell my boss ;-).
Process planning manager
Localino 20/20 finds my tools. In the past I was "searching for tools" 90% of my time. Now I have time to build new ones. Thanks Localino!
Mechanical design engineer
Our AGVs are automatically guided by Localino though the factory. Thanks to the open interfaces and support of Localino we could easily integrate within no time.
Software developer


We are ready to help you. Get in touch with us and see Localino 20/20 live.