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Localino – open source indoor localization

rtlssystem From a simple ranging application to full 3D positioning.

  1. Fixed Localino anchors (sattelites) measure the ranges to active and moving tags very accurately (centimeter accuracy)
  2. The anchors push the data to a PC application using a Wifi interface
  3. The application calculates the position inside the room


Simply flash your Arduino Pro Mini and add it to the PCB. You are ready to go!

You want a faster system with more processing power? Then select the Localino 2.0 which uses an STM32 series microcontroller.

To much effort? You want a kit including everything?  Then check out our full ranging kits or 3D positioning Localino kits!

The video demostrates our realtime indoor measurement. Three anchors did the ranging, pushed the data over Wifi to a server application which does the localization and plot.
In this example we demonstrate the simultaneous localization and tracking of multiple tags. Our self-organizing Localino network does not need any supervisor nodes and is higly scalable.

Heuel & Löher build a hardware which makes accurate indoor location much easier than ever before. With a microcontroller board and the Ultrawideband ranging transceiver from Decawave the hardware is ready to operate. Additional featues like a wifi interface allow backhaul operation, easy integration into existing infrastructure or operation as stand alone system.

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Indoor localization systems are either less accurate or very pricy. With the Localino you are now able to build a very price competitive indoor location system. It is based on an Decawave UWB transceiver, an arduino pro mini / STMicroelectronics controller and offers also a wifi link. This way it can be integrated into any already existing wireless network and transport the ranging data to a server in nearly realtime. There is no need of a master scheduler or synchronisation between all nodes. We rely on a self-organizing network, which is highly scalable and offers multi-tag capabilities.

We offer indoor location hardware kits including software. If you require your own hardware design, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can visit the shop, by clicking on the link below (our shop works best with Internet Explorer/Firefox browser)

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