Hamradio - New Packet Radio (NPR-H) Modem

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New Packet Radio Modem (NPR-H) The New Packet Radio Modem NPR-H build by us. The modem is... more
Product information "Hamradio - New Packet Radio (NPR-H) Modem"

New Packet Radio Modem (NPR-H)

The New Packet Radio Modem NPR-H build by us. The modem is compatible to existing firmware from F4HDK. The PCB is delivered to you flashed and tested. It can be configured as master or client according to the firmware description from F4HDK.

Please also take a look at the description PDF for setup (link below under Documents).


  • build-in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
  • build-in Power Amplifier
  • build-in Power Over Ethernet power supply
  • 1 MB SPI Flash memory
  • SMA RF connector
  • multiple GPIO in/outputs
  • Configuration via UART or Ethernet (GPIO pins available)



Compared to the the existing hardware from F4HDK the NPR-H is more sensitive and shows 0% ERR at -99 dBm (remember that 6 dB doubles the distance!).


NPR from F4HDK

without Preamp

NPR from F4HDK

with VR-P25D Preamp


Sensitivity in Mode 21

-87.7 dBm

-95.5 dBm

-99 dBm



  • 1x NPR-H assembled, flashed and tested PCB

Power supply

  • Power over ethernet switch / injector or 5V Micro USB Power supply. The modem draws 230mA current at 5V DC.


  • Please see here for an enclosure.

Documents (source F4HDK)

Technical Specification

 Output Power  +25 dBm
 LNA Gain  13 dB
 RF Connector  SMA
 Frequency Range  360 - 535 MHz, optimized for 70 cm ham radio band
 Noise Figure  < 1.5 dB
 Power consumption 230mA @ 5V
 Power supply  Micro USB 5V DC or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
 PCB 66,3 x 90,6 x 18 mm
 incl. RJ45 jack sticking out from the PCB edge 70 x 90,6 x 18 mm




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