Localino v3.0 careless package

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Localino 3.0 Careless package 4 Anchor + 2 Tag + Localino Suite + preconfigured Wifi... more
Product information "Localino v3.0 careless package"

Localino 3.0 Careless package

4 Anchor + 2 Tag + Localino Suite + preconfigured Wifi Accesspoint


Localino measures ranges precisely and estimates 2D/3D positions with an accuracy of <30cm. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

High accuracy and scalability
Localino offers centimeter accuracy and long range. The system is highly scalable without the need of master nodes or a synchronization network. Each node can be configured separately.

Integration into your Wifi network
Localino integrates into your WiFi network. It measures the ranges to a mobile tag and broadcasts the measured data into the Wifi network. The Localino application captures the data, processes, displays and saves the estimated positions. It is also possible to broadcast a location datastream into the network, for example to display locations at remote devices or to integrate the locations into higher level applications.

Your data is your data
Localino operates completely offline. All processing is done in a single application. Your data is never transmitted to any cloud or internet service. All processing and data are kept offline.

Long life
Localino Tags are designed for long life. The internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 100 days when using a location update rate of 0.1 Hz. Even increasing the location update rate to 1 Hz the battery lasts several days (depending on selected channel). Localino tags use standard rechargeable batteries that can be replaced.

Localino v3.0 Careless Package Content

  • 4x Localino v3.0 Anchor incl. 4x 5V power supplys (EU socket)
  • 2x Localino v3.0 rechargeable Tags
  • 1x Configuration adapter cable (USB Y-type)
  • 1x Localino Suite Software License
  • 1x Preconfigured Wifi Accesspoint (EU socket)
  • Description and software links



What is the difference to Localino Kit 3D? Localino 3D kit contains also 4 Anchors and 2 Tags with Software, but does not come preconfigured with power supplys and accesspoint.

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