Localino v3.0 Anchor + BLE

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Localino 3.0 Anchor + BLE Localino Anchor for ultra precise positioning of our Localino... more
Product information "Localino v3.0 Anchor + BLE"

Localino 3.0 Anchor + BLE

Localino Anchor for ultra precise positioning of our Localino Tags to extend the Localino 3.0 Kit and extend coverage of your indoor location system.

In addition to the Ultra-wideband capabilities, this Anchor anchor has also Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities and detects the presence of BLE iBeacon / Eddystone messages emitted by BLE tags.

This operation runs simultaneously to the ultra-wideband localization. The Anchor decodes the received BLE message (MAC ID, Major, Minor, UID, calibrated RSSI) and forwards the information as a real-time datastream. This datastream includes the corresponding Anchor ID that has detected the iBeacon. This allows you to monitor presence of your BLE enabled devices and map the position in close proximity to the Localino Anchor with the same hardware that you use for precise positioning using ultra-wideband technology.



  • 1x Localino v3.0 BLE Anchor

There is no soldering or flashing required.



  • existing 2.4 GHz Wifi network or accesspoint / router
  • 1x Micro USB Charger 5V DC (standard USB mobile phone charger)
  • USB Y-cable 2x type A to 1x micro USB for Anchor configuration (if configuration is required)

 Technical Specification

Operational range 20-50m depending on configuration
Range Accuracy < 10cm in LOS
2D / 3D accuracy < 30cm
2D / 3D update rate

<0.0001 - 30 Hz depending on configuration

Anchor 5V DC (micro USB)
   Wireless LAN
   Bluetooth Low Energy


 Anchor  83x52x14 mm, weight 38g


 please note: The mounting fixture on the pictures is not part of this product. The mounting fixture can be ordered seperately.

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