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Localino Backend
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Localino Backend (available for free with Localino v3.0 Kits). The Localino Backend... more
Product information "Localino Backend"

Localino Backend (available for free with Localino v3.0 Kits).

The Localino Backend processes all anchor measurement data and calculates the cartesian coordinates for each tag which are broadcasted into the network. The backend runs on Windows / Linux PCs and ARM processors and does not need any installation. It is a executable application that can run in the background.

Before running the executable file the backend has to be configured according to the documentation. The anchors and the PC running this application have to operate in the same local area network.

There are two ways to configure the backend:

  1. manual configuration (edit a text file)
  2. intuitive configuration via Localino Frontend (also remotely possible)


  • Realtime position processing
  • Realtime data is streamed into the network (which allows any application to use the positioning network data stream, e.g. Android, PC applications, etc)
  • Data saving
  • Multiple filters
  • Auto detection of anchors
  • Processes up to hundreds of tags



  • Localino v3.0



Please note: There is no need to order this software separately when ordering Localino v3.0 anyway. With Localino v3.0 you will receive this software automatically. However, please consider to order Localino Frontend which is optional, but eases the setup.


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