Localino v3.0 Kit

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Localino 3.0 Kit Localino RTLS Kit to track indoors The kit includes all parts to build... more
Product information "Localino v3.0 Kit"

Localino 3.0 Kit

Localino RTLS Kit to track indoors

The kit includes all parts to build your smart project with precise real-time location data including hardware, software (starter licenses) and accesories.

Key Features

  • Fully scalable, extend with additional Localino Anchors and Tags
  • Coverage of an area of up to 400 sqm
  • Industrial tags with super long battery life time (up to years)
  • Scalable in coverage of area and the number of tracked objects
  • Standard conform PoE connection for power, network and health monitoring
  • Industrial housings of the Localino Anchors
  • 360° omnidirectional coverage of UWB anchors / UWB tags
  • Short lead time

Package Content

  • 4x Localino 3.0 Anchor
  • 2x Localino 3.0 Industrial Tag
  • 1x Wifi Accesspoint
  • 1x Network cable
  • 1x Localino Suite Software license (covering localization of Tags using TWR)
  • Access to documentation and tutorials

The packet can be extended by additional hardware and software licenses to extend coverage and the number of tracked assets. As a rule of thumb you can estimate a coverage of 1 anchor per 100-200 sqm. Exemplary licenses are for example our (patent pending) wireless TDoA, PDoA.

Localino software is licensed per feature. A feature is for example TDoA, PDoA, Localino 20/20 Software. These features are not included in this kit.

Please see the details and differences of Anchors 3.0 and Anchors 4.0 here: https://www.localino.net/en/localino-hardware/

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